Request for Proposal: 2SLGBTQ+ Northern Voices Film Series

Sep 10, 2021Projets, RCYK, Mise à jour

During the months of June & July, as part of the Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife’s (RCYK) Workshop & Resource development project, I facilitated multiple discussion groups and interviews with 2SLGBTQIPA+ folks across the North.

One of the main things I heard from people was how much Northern queer folks are lacking access to stories and representations of 2SLGBTQIPA+ people in the NWT. This is why RCYK and I developed this new component of the project.

We’re seeking proposals from Northern filmmakers, filmographers or documentarians interested in helping us collect these stories into bite-size bits we can incorporate into our education series that we’re developing.

Submit a proposal by October 5th 2021. For more information, download the RFP!

Jacq Brasseur
Written by Jacq Brasseur

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