Fostering a Community-Led Future for Folk on the Rocks

A project with Folk on the Rocks to develop their next strategic plan with consultation from those people who love and support the festival

About the project

Folk on the Rocks (FOTR), a music festival that we love, is working on developing their strategic plan. They’ve hired us to help!

Over the next 6 months, we’ll be working with both FOTR, and the people who love the festival, to create a plan for the future of the organization and the annual celebration of art, music and community that they host each summer in Yellowknife.

To do this, we’re working on a series of community consultation opportunities for folks to participate in, and on a series of sessions we’ll be hosting with the FOTR Board & staff to develop some objectives and goals, informed by you, all with the purpose of making the festival better and better serving the people who keep coming back every summer.

You can stay connected to what’s going on with this project by checking this page.


Fill out the survey!

We’re looking for festival-goers, volunteers, sponsors, funders, partners, performers, and just people across the NWT to complete this survey all about your perspectives on Folk on the Rocks.

The information we gather here will influence how Folk on the Rocks develops their priorities and goals through a strategic plan in the year to come.

If you complete the survey by July 13th, you can win a weekend pass for the festival!

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