A DEI Framework for Family Service Regina

A project with Family Service Regina to develop a meaningful anti-oppressive framework for ensuring that diversity, equity, inclusion is engrained throughout the entire organization.

About the project

Family Service Regina (FSR) is creating a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) framework to  ensure its program and service delivery is culturally appropriate and provided in an environment that is rich in DEI.

They have hired us, Ivy + Dean Consulting, to support them in this work. 

Throughout the project, we have collaborated with the FSR Board of Directors to understand its capacity in understanding and living the values of DEI within FSR, and delivered custom training to support the Board’s continuous learning in this area. We also launched a consultation process to gather input from FSR’s clients, community and staff. The results from this inquiry were used to inform the DEI framework. 

We’re proud to have supported Family Service Regina in developing a DEI Framework that complements their Strategic Plan.

Project of

project team

Jacq Brasseur

Lead Consultant


Amina Salah

Jr. Consultant