Shaping 2SLGBTQ+ Knowledge in the Northwest Territories

A project with the Northern Mosaic Network to develop community-informed workshops and educational materials about LGBTQIPA+ communities in the Northwests Territories

About the project

A project we’ve inherited from our predecessor, Jacq Brasseur ConsultingShaping 2SLGBTQ+ Knowledge in the Northwest Territories is a Government of Canada funded project for the Northern Mosaic Network (NMN).

NMN is currently working on redeveloping their educational materials used to teach about 2SLGBTQIPA+ communities across the Northwest Territories.

To support them in this work, they’ve hired us to develop this curriculum with consultation from people in the North.

Discussion groups & interviews took place back in June and July 2021, we hosted a survey throughout the month of August, and in December 2021, we filmed documentary style video to create short capsules to include in educational materials. In January and February 2022, we hosted pilot workshops of all the content we developed.

Now, we’re looking for people who’re interested across the NWT to apply as interested facilitators to teach this content in the near future. If you’re interested, check out the information below.

Participate in our Train the Trainer program

Northern Mosaic Network spent the last year developing a brand-new suite of workshops and trainings that they hope will be facilitated all over the NWT. There are workshops specifically for sectors within our society (ex. healthcare, the LGBTQIPA+ identities, and workshops about two spirit, Indigiqueer and queer and trans Indigenous people (2SIQTIP) and identities. These materials were developed with 2SLGBTQIPA+ and Indigenous staff, community consultation and research! As NMN shifts to de-centralizing their work and truly being territorially focused, they are aiming to hire workshop facilitators in every NWT region on an as-needed basis.

We are looking for NWTers who are:

  • interested in supporting people across the NWT in learning more about 2SLGBTQIPA+ communities;
  • members of the 2SLGBTQIPA+ and allied community;
  • strong public speakers or not nervous speaking in front of crowds; and
  • available to participate in a Train the Trainer weekend from July 22nd to 24th in Yellowknife.

Download our full agenda and information package here.

Project of

project team

Jacq Brasseur

Resource & Workshop Development Coordinator

Catherine Currie

Resource & Workshop Development Assistant

Paula Krasiun-Winsel

Video Capsule Filmographer