Creating Guidebooks for NWT GSAs

A project with the Northern Mosaic Network to create GSA guidebooks for students, teachers and schools across the NWT

About the project

With funding from the Government of Northwest Territories, the Northern Mosaic Network is developing a series of guidebooks for GSAs to use across the territory.

These guidebooks are being created in consultation with Northern 2SGLBTQIPA+ youth.


Are you a student or youth interested in helping us develop these guidebooks?

Check out how you can get involved!


Are you currently attending school in the NWT, or recently graduated?

Fill out our survey about your experience with GSAs at your school, and you could win $250 for a GSA in the Northwest Territories.


Are you currently attending school in the NWT, or recently graduated?

Register for our discussion group taking place on March 25th 2024 at 6pm on Zoom, and you can get $50 for your participation.

Enter the "My Dream GSA" Contest

We’re calling on all GSAs across the NWT to enter our contest to win up to $750 for their club!

GSAs are invited to send in a video or written submission answering three questions:

    1. What would your dream GSA look like?
    2. If you had to explain to an adult about why GSAs should exist, or what they’re for, what would you say?
    3. What tips would you give kids who are starting their own GSA?

If you have questions about entering this contest, have your GSA Advisor email us at

Learn about the Contest
Contest Rules
    1. Contest is open to all GSAs across the territory.
    2. To enter the contest, between March 13th and April 5th, GSAs must either:
      1. Send a video (no more than ten minutes) sharing their response to the contest questions via email to info@ivydeanconsulting; or
      2. Send a written response (no more than 750 words) sharing their response to the contest questions via email to
    3. GSAs can choose to answer one of the following questions about their participation in the Inspire programs:
    4. By submitting a short video, participants agree to Northern Mosaic Network to use their video in future initiatives;
    5. Following April 5th, Northern Mosaic Network will do a random draw and will award $750 to a first place winner, $500 to a second place winner, and $250 to a third place winner. Winners will be notified via email.
    6. The prize can only be accepted by an organization, such as a school, that operates a GSA.
    7. We reserve the right not to award prizes if there are not sufficient submissions.
Winning Criteria

When drawing for prizes, the following criteria will be used to determine eligibility for the draw:

    1. Did the video or written submission answer the questions provided?
    2. Are the perspectives in the submission coming from NWT youth?

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